French Check French Cuff Dress Shirt

$66.50 $95.00


Our dress shirts are made of 100%  Pima cotton. Not all cotton is created equal and Peruvian Pima is the cream of the crop. Its extra-long fiber length makes it both durable and silky-soft. The fibers are harvested by hand the 'Old World' way and then the shirts are made according to consciously modern standards. We tailor a trim, refined garment in an enduring classic style. They're crisp, drape handsomely and are never coated in formaldehyde (as is the case with popular big brand "non-iron" shirts.)  Choose from solid colors, pencil stripes, and gingham check. Because it’s our shirt from start to finish, we are able offer them at an unusually low price.
Regular Sleeve Length: 32-33"
Long Sleeve Length: 34-35"

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