Corded Airtex Madras

$94.00 $188.00

whitebluered airtex
goldnavy airtex
redgrey plaid

Relwen Corded Airtex Madras

Madras is an ideal fabric to wear if you find yourself in the sun all day. There’s something unexpectedly classic about how the fabric makes you feel. And at 80 grams, we’re confident our variation with a very subtle texture will appropriate you well for the heat. Rewen exclusive plaids, all mated with a proper buttondown collar with tapered waist, a curved shirttail hem, and natural mother of pearl shell buttons.

Colors: White/Blue/Red Plaid, Gold/Navy Plaid, Red/Grey Plaid, Navy/White/Red Plaid

Product Details: 100% cotton, superlight dobby lined airtex madras. Relwen exclusive plaids. Natural mother of pearl shell buttons. Imported.


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