Keel Blazer

Keel Blazer

$214.40 $268.00

Dark navy
Light Khaki

The truest test of a blazer’s versatility is quite simple…does it have a back pocket? Because if it does (and this one does) then you are wearing a classic "sports jacket” designed for all occasions. Whether at work in the fields or serving as a more durable dress companion throughout the day and into the evening.

It’s in this spirit that we built our variation of the blazer. Natural shoulders (no padding) with a tapered waist. Lapels that function turned down or flipped up, with a collar that completely closes with the throat tab pulled across. Working sleeve buttons that allow cuffs to be worn rolled. Classic open “patch” design for the exterior pockets with the added modern amenity of a welt zipper pocket above the right-hand pocket.

Build integrity is essential to everything we do and nowhere is it more evident than in our blazers. Cotton shell fabric contains 3% stretch allowing this spring garment to be a bit more mobile. 

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