Washed Indigo Seersucker Overshirt

$117.00 $195.00


Corridor Washed Indigo Seersucker Overshirt

The Washed Seersucker Overshirt began its life as a super dark, bleeding indigo. Everyone's hands turned blue during sewing and so did the sewing machines because basically the shirt was leaking blue after an intense indigo dye. After sewing, we gave the baby a nice wash in a bath and removed the first couple layers of color, which gives the shirt an incredible amount of depth and character from the first wear. It's only going to get better with time- but now, with the softness and without the bleeding, you can get started with enjoying summer.
 Color: Indigo

Product Details: 100% Cotton, Indigo washed:  This fabric was designed by and milled exclusively for Corridor, Preshrunk, Made responsibly in India.

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