Flyweight Flex Blazer

$208.60 $298.00

British Khaki
Muted Olive
Dark Navy

Relwen Flyweight Flex Blazer
The truest test of a blazer’s versatility is quite simple…does it close at the throat? If it does (and ours do) then you are wearing a classic "sports jacket” designed for all occasions. Whether at work, on a commuter bike, or serving as a more durable dress companion throughout the day and into the evening. Make a point to not “lapel-it”, treat it like the Relwen jean jacket we intended it to be. 

Reminder, this is not your dad’s blazer, there is no padding, no stiff “tailoring”, it’s all you. These are crafted to fit on the fly with working sleeve buttons that are to be rolled, along with other construction surprises you’d only find in serious field jackets. *Built to be wrinkled, lived-in, and never pressed.
Colors: Charcoal, Driftwood, British Khaki, Muted Olive, Dark Navy
Product Details: 97% cotton, 3% spandex. Imported

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