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Founded by husband and wife team Frank and Stella, our store has been a purveyor of fine men’s clothing on the West Side of New York since 1976. Contemporary meets classic at Frank Stella: from tailored pieces to casual sportswear, our eclectic selection is sure to leave an impression. We offer specialty brands in addition to our own exclusive artisanal goods. Take advantage of our in-house expert tailoring for the perfect fit.


Our Brand

We’re proud to be the outfitter of choice for the men of New York City since 1976.
Our exclusive curated goods exemplify quality, form, and function. We offer an extensive selection of our own exclusive suits,
sport coats, outerwear, dress shirts, ties, and more.

Our textiles are sourced from the finest mills in the world—everything from the world renowned Loro Piana of Italy to Harris Tweed: pure virgin wool handwoven by artisans in their homes in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.


Our Fits 

Slim: Sleek and form fitting; the narrowest cut we offer.

Tailored: Slightly tapered to complement the natural curve of the body.

Modern: A perfect compromise between tailored and classic.

Classic: A traditional fuller cut.


Specialty Brands



440 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10024
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Monday-Saturday: 10 - 7pm
Sunday: 12 - 6pm


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